Dress watch

Omega Seamaster Chronostop 145.008

Verkoper: Evig Watches
Een horloge-fanaat die rondstruint op smoothseconds
Direct beschikbaar
Alleen het horloge
Prijs: 2.150,00


All parts are original, the hands and dial still have tritium luminous material and match well in terms of aging. The plexi has a few scratches, but nothing wild, which can be polished out, but I think it’s fine the way it is.

Case measures 41mm, which is very large for the time, which is why it got the nickname Jumbo.
Sharp edges and minimal signs of wear indicate that the watch is unpolished. However, due to its age, I wouldn’t count on that, but in my eyes it fits. There are marks from changing the band, but again nothing bad and a small swirl at 4 o’clock.
The sunburst is perfectly preserved and is a dream.

Technically the watch runs completely unobtrusively, since the watch has no second hand it is difficult to detect any deviation anyway.

Horloge details

Horloge categorie:
Model: Chronostop
Periode: 1960 – 1969
Referentie: 145.008

Basis details

Geslacht: Unisex/Man
Conditie: good
Beschikbaarheid: Direct beschikbaar
Inbegrepen bij de levering: Alleen het horloge

Technische details

Uurwerk: Onbekend
Diameter: 41
Kast hoogte: Onbekend
Complicatie(s): Flyback chronograaf

Optische details

Wijzerplaat kleur: Zwart
Horloge kristal: Hesalit
Kast materiaal: Staal
Bezel materiaal: Staal
Verkoper: Evig Watches

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Reactie op aanbod van Evig Watches

Horlogemaker: Omega
Model: Chronostop
Prijs: 2.150,00
Periode: 1960 – 1969
Referentie: 145.008
Conditie: good